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Thoughts on the Meditation from Taizé

IMAG0289The meditation from Taizé for today is: “God of mercy, when we understand that nothing can separate us from you, trust in you opens for us the road that leads upward towards a peace-filled joy.”

It is the understanding part that is so difficult. Easy to say, hard to do.

Also, what is implied in this meditation is that we have joined with you. This too can be hard to understand. In fact, most likely it can only be experienced.

To be joined is the possibility to be in the closest of relationships. A husband joins with a wife. A wife joins with a husband. No, this is not about sex, it is about two becoming one while remaining two. The other desires each other, each other desires an even closer each.

To join means to make a commitment. One joins the armed forces by taking an oath of commitment. One joins a church (Methodist) by taking a vow. There is a responsibility in joining. There are expectations. When joining is taken for granted serious consequences can occur. Purpose and promise can be compromised.

God, I believe you want to be closer to us than a spouse. I believe you have made a commitment to us that is eternal, even if it a commitment to allow us to reject you.

This is where trust comes in. Trust is not often easily developed, especially when faith is weak. Is trust harder than faith? I believe it is. Grace is a gift, a free gift, but trust requires a deeper insight.

But we are not saved by trust, are we? No, we are saved (process not event) by faith. Faith is the first step toward trust. Faith leads us to you while trust opens God to us.

My prayer is that I you Lord will give me the opportunity for faith and that I might respond in a way that guides me to a deeper and deeper trust for you so that I might travel, journey, pilgrimage upward towards a peace-filled joy! Amen.

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