Thanks, yes, and so much more!

Engaging in centering prayer on thanksgiving day, surrounded by family, can be a challenging experience. All the sounds and smells you have to let go as activities swirl around you would seem to be counterproductive to the purpose of the prayer.

Nay, not so.

Recognizing God’s presence in the midst of gathered family and allowing the Spirit to speak to one’s soul was a very joyful experience for me (the children thought I was taking a nap).

I personally feel the word thanks has become one of those words that has lost much of its power through casual overuse and unreflective utterance. 

Today, on a day set aside long ago for the purpose of unity and gratitude, I do not feel any words can fully express the depth of the kind needed heart felt response we can offer to God. In the centering prayer we offer silence and presence in the midst of wherever we are. This is an offering of thanks and so much more.