A Gift from Lectio


In my time of Lectio today, I received an echo that deeply touched my heart, my soul, and a place even deeper, a place and presence of mystery which can only be described as a gift. A gift, epiphany, an pouring of pure grace upon me. It came from the words, “Jesus raised his eyes to heaven…” (John 17:1).

It was in these words I found, or I should say I was found by, an awareness and presence that I have no words to describe.

I have been living in a state of semi-constant physical pain (from a back condition for which I am being treated) and from an deep emotional pain from conflict I have a hard time understanding and very little ability to sedate. This has produced times of spiritual despondency and futile worrisome anxiety.

My soul mate has done her best through pray and listening to sustain and support me. I have friends praying and encouraging me, still, the combined pain and spiritual barriers seemed overwhelming. Then came the gift.

Now, at this moment, the pain is insignificant. The conflict has moved far, far away, and I now write in a state of consolation I have missed for some time.

Yes, the eighth rule of St. Ignatius is so true and trustable. Our God’s grace is sufficient. Amen.