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Treasure in Jars of Clay


In 2 Corinthians, we are told we have a treasure in “jars of clay.”

What is this treasure?

I believe it is a transformation of value. I believe it is a savings account for God. It has nothing to do with our salvation, but it can have an influence upon the salvation of others.

It believe this treasure is what remains when our lives go through the test of God’s fire. I believe this treasure is a reward of relationship and revelation that we will ultimately discover the true value only when we move beyond time into the Kingdom of God that is already replacing this reality.

I ask people today if they can remember people they when to school with who dropped out. Then, at that time, they thought this was in their best interest. As I have grown older, much older, I have never found a person who made this decision who know thinks they made the right choice.

Each day we make decisions that will have an impact on our lives now and in the future. The question we should always be asking ourselves is, “What decisions am I making for Jesus?” These decisions and the resulting actions will someday prove what kind of treasure God has been able to store in us.

Will we regret the decisions we have made. Will we find ourselves the spiritual drop outs of all eternity?

Seeking spiritual direction and involving ourselves in a more intentional spiritual life can help us discern what is likely treasure and what will be burned up as trash.

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