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What Does it Mean When We Say We Love God?

I have been listening to a book by Anne Lamott. In this book she shares a story about losing a beloved pet dog to death. The story made both my wife and I come close to crying.

God has made us with the capacity to deeply love animals and for animals to love us. However, death is part of the animal world just as it is part of ours. Death hurts.

Another pain that some people I have guided and advised have experienced is the pain of losing a loved one through unwanted separation. I have set with those whose loved one’s left them, without warning, for another person. These people are devastated. They blame themselves. They cry out why God why?

Then there are those I have cried with those whose loved ones were separated from them by incarceration and others by duty. When all you can hope for is a visit through an occasional phone call or through a thick glass pain, it hurts.

Sometimes that pain can come and do its damage even though the separation is only temporary. I cried like baby all the way from Brownwood to Bedford when I left my first daughter for the first time at the college she would be attending. I knew she would be okay, but I was not. It hurt.

We like to be with the people we love, with the animals we love, and when we are separated, pain can be present. But what about the God we say we love? Do we feel sorrow when God seems distant? Do we weep when we feel find we have moved away from God, for God never moves away from us? Is there sorrow when the relationship is not right?
If we never have these feelings, what does that say about our declaring that we love God? This is food for reflection.

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