Always Present

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
While prevenient grace is all around
I once was lost, but not to grace
For God always knows my place
This grace draws me to understand
That my salvation is God’s plan
No matter what I do or say
My God loves me, anyway!                    


In his new book, Ocean of Light, Martin Laird writes the following,

God does not know how to be absent. That is to say, it would go against God’s nature for God to come and go. But we can be ignorant of this intimate presence and build a lifestyle that maintains this ignorance. (page 18)

This is an important fact to always be conscious. God is present. If we feel like God has left, the problem is with our perception, not God’s presence.  Nothing reveals this more than our developing a contemplative relationship with our creator. God’s still small voice is always speaking. There are just times we need to get quiet enough emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually to hear.

emmaus communion