Devotion for Lent from Lectio Divina

Luke 9:22-25

It can be hard, very hard, to accept suffering. Remembering the suffering of Jesus is important if we are ever going to find any true relief from our own suffering.

It is hard, very hard, to face rejection. Remembering how Jesus was rejected in important if we are going to overcome the rejections we receive in life.

No person has understood the human condition better than Jesus. No one has ever had the insight and understanding of the certain results of their words than action than our Lord.

If I knew that a certain path would lead to suffering and rejection and I had the power to avoid that situation, I most certainly would not go down that path. But not Jesus. Why, why did Jesus make the choice he made. This is a rhetorical question.

God is love, Jesus is God, Jesus is love. This is simple logic. Love is will to surrender to suffering. Love is willing to risk rejection.

As difficult and painful as my life had been, without this love, without the very presence of the Lord in my life, I cannot imagine how much more difficult and painful life would be had Jesus not accepted suffering and rejection that were mine.

Yes, Jesus warns us how hard it will be to follow him. He tells us we will be condemned by this world. He says to us, “if you chose to follow me, you better have the desire for what I offer because it will not be easy.”

However, to follow the Lord, in the long run, is the only way that makes sense.  I desire to lose my life. I am thankful Jesus is willing to save it.