Lenten Lectio Devotion

Matthew 25:31-46

Every day of our lives we have the opportunity to act in a manner that brings happiness to our God. Every day we are given the chance to be blessed of God. And every day that we breathe, we are moving closer to the opportunity to inherit a kingdom God has prepared from the foundation of the earth for those who truly love God.

How do we love God? By loving God in others. Loving in both attitude and action.

Loving those who are hungry, thirsty, strangers, naked, ill, or prisoners. In other words, loving people regardless of their circumstances. Loving people regardless of their poor choices. Loving people in spite of human laws and regulations.

Lent is meant to awaken the Christian consciousness.

There is not much I can do for the immigrants who are denied access to this country. However, I can do something. I can find a way to show love. I cannot do much about those who are incarcerated but I can do something. I can find a way to show love.

But I must be careful. These acts of love cannot come from a sense of superiority or from the “goodness” of my heart, for no good dwells in me. No, this love must come from my relationship with God. It must come from a growing desire to follow and become like Jesus. We must see Jesus in those who are marginalized and separated in our world.

The foundation of the kingdom that God has prepared is our faith, hope, and love of Jesus. He is the God with skin on that shows us just how much God loves us.