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Lenten Devotion from the Lectio

Luke 11:29-32

Something greater! Awareness blindness is a terrible malady of the soul. It is a spiritual sickness that can cheat us out of years of joy. It can break our hearts, limit our purpose, stifle our growth and damage our relationships.

Awareness blindness happens when a great opportunity, a profound truth or need, a vital connection is missed because we are too arrogant or ignorant to see it when it is right before us. Awareness blindness is cartooned in the tale of an old fish asking two young fish, “How’s the water?” The young fish ask each other, “What is water?”

God became a man and walked among people who had been promised God’s coming for centuries. Even with all prophecies and promised, many, many, many of them did not recognize who Jesus was or what his message meant. They had awareness blindness.
Every day, God gives us signs of truth that, vocatus atque non vocatus,deus aderit (bidden or unbidden, God is present).

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is being proclaimed. God is still sending messengers. The sign we should be looking for is not one we will see with our eyes, but the one that touches our hearts. Not a sign that creates certainty, but a sign that causes us to act in faith. This is something greater.

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