Joesph’s Gift-A Lenten Devotion

Every morning, if at all possible, I gather with others at our church to do our morning office. Each day we begin our office with the Angelus.

About a year ago, I was told I was no longer welcome to participate in a local ministry at a state school for girls. The primary reason I was told was that I told a young Hispanic girl that it was okay for her to pray and ask for Mary to advocate for her. I was told this was not accepted by the majority of Christians.

Some people can be so ignorant and arrogant in their prejudicial beliefs. The majority of Christian throughout history have asked Mary to pray for them now and at the hour of their death.

Joseph desired to take Mary as his wife, but when he found out that she was pregnant he planned to divorce her quietly. Then God intervened.  An angel was the messenger and like his young bride, Joesph was faithful and willing to obey.

When we pray the Angelus, we do not invoke the name of Mary. We do remember who she is and what she did. We do believe she is with her Son and that she and all the other saints do advocate for us. It is not heresy or idolatry to pray and ask for this advocation. It is understanding Mary is special, just as Joesph did, and making her a part of our spiritual lives and Christian homes.

Thank you, Joesph, for your faith. Thank you for your example.