Paraclete’s probation-Lenten Lectio devotion

Matthew 18:21-35

I want my mind thrown into prison. Why it deserves to be there. My mind continually brings up a perceived debt that it believes it is owned. It believes others should be made to pay for a wrong done to me that completely shattered the life I was living. It wants to bring up this perceived debt time and time again. It wants to throw those it believes responsible into the prison of shame and guilt.

But my mind has been forgiven of even greater debt. My mind owed a debt it could never pay back no matter how many good thoughts it could think. God has forgiven that debt. I don’t believe my mind appreciates that enough.

Yes, my mind is wicked for this. However, thankfully God is renewing my mind. The Spirit of God dwelling within me prays for my mind and works to bring it to an awareness of its sin and the reason for that sin which is pride and acedia. I believe my mind is beginning to change. Perhaps it may not need to go to prison but instead may be put on a Paraclete’s probation.

Glory be to God.


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