Jesus Fulfills-a Lectio Lenten Devotion

Matthew 5:17-19

More than anything else, I want to draw closer to God. There are so my obstacles, opposition, and illusions both within and without that I realize this must be the greatest treasure any human being can seek.

So many religions have rules that must be followed, laws that must be learned, and conditional circumstances and situations that must be met that the goal of being with God is impossible to reach. In many of these religions, the means become more important than the goal.

But this Jesus is not a God we need to seek. Jesus is the God who seeks us. Jesus is aware of the parameters set by the Father to instruct us on how to live a righteous life that is pleasing to God. Jesus knows no human being can keep the commandments and never violate what we know as “law”. So Jesus came not to abolish the law but to fulfill the law so that all we must do to please God, to draw close to God, is to follow Jesus.

When a person is willing to listen to Jesus, to pray as Jesus prayed, to see people as Jesus sees people, to love the Scripture as Jesus loved the Scripture, then one has a solid grasp of how to allow oneself to be found by God. And when we slip, fall, or take a wrong turn, Jesus has shown us he is willing to forgive us and help us to get back on the narrow way that leads to the greatest existence we can ever know.

Today, I pray I will allow Jesus to lead me within the parameters of the law thus fulfilling my purpose in this life. Jesus is my fulfillment and such understanding makes every challenge, barrier, obstacle or opposition much easier to face as well as making the goal all the more glorious.


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