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He Did Not Know-Lenten Lectio devotion

John 5:1-16

The man who was healed did not know who it was…..

I have been reading a wonderful book on confession. I was surprised and amazed to find out that the sacrament of confession is more about healing than it is about forgiveness.  Confession is not about making a list of the actions we feel were wrong, but about healing the damage done by the sickness of sin in our lives. It is about healing the damaged relationship we have with God.

Time after time we put ourselves in situations which damage our relationship with God. The whole world is in this situation. Yet in the midst of this ocean of human failure and folly, the power of the incarnate God stirs things up. From the pool of our Lord’s passion comes more than just hope, but the opportunity to experience transforming healing in our lives. At first, we might not understand that this agent of change comes from the mercy of our Lord.

The truth is that the only good in this world is good given by God. The world we live in is not concerned with good. It is interested in pleasure, in personal seeming self-satisfaction, and with those things that allow us to consider ourselves “good” and others as “bad”.

The man who was healed, who did not know who it was who healed him, was carrying likely his only possession his mat with him and this was perceived by the religious as bad. These same people considered the man’s healing as “bad” because it was done on a Sabbath day. They were “good” because they pointed this out.

Jesus finds the man, identifies himself and then gives the man so excellent advice. You have been healed. You are well. Don’t do those things that could make you worse off than you were. Sin always does exactly this. The man responses by giving witness to the one who has healed him. He goes and tells what Jesus has done.

Can we follow his example?

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