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A Journey Begins….

Today, a joined with a group of five to begin a journey, an adventure into the depths of God desire for a relationship, a true, intimate encounter with humans beings as God intended from the beginning.

Some of my fellow travelers have experienced difficulties in life and understand this journey will be challenging.  The others are aware of the challenges we likely will face and believe as I do the journey is worth the effort. I believe this small group has what is the most important character trait to accept the challenges we will most certainly face if we are to reach the top of the mountain.

So, each Tuesday we plan to gather and focus on wisdom that speaks to us from the past to help us go deeper into the desert that leads to the mountain where God speaks. I will seek to guide the group through the initial desert to the base of the mountain. When we reach the base, the Holy Spirit will be our primary guide as we seek to ascend to the place where God will is more easily discerned and our fellowship joins the divine dance which is the Trinity.

One this our first gathering, as we said the prayer to the Holy Spirit, I felt the need to change the way I have lead groups in the past. Instead of my leading the final part of the prayer, I ask the group to continue reading with me. This group is different than others I have led. This group has a spiritual maturity to it. This group is willing to join me in the priesthood of believers and fully participate in this journey/spiritual adventure. This will be a wonderful group to join with and grow with.



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