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Our Second Gathering for our Contemplative Adventure


Tuesday was the second meeting of our contemplative prayer group. The reading from, to Jerusalem, by E. Sommers Ward, was a reading in encouragement and excitement about the adventure we have joined in together. It spoke of the vast possibilities of where this journey can take us.

On any given journey, there will be days experiencing new wonders, of advancing toward our goal of the mountain of God, but also days of needing to hunker down. Days of renewing our supplies, and/or days of rekindling motivation. Ward likely shocks most of his readers when he makes the claim someone who does not spend close to two hours in pray a day is likely not a true Christian.

Time and commitment to love are in reality the things that we can give to God. When we are asked to give God everything, we are not being called to give God all our material possessions, they already belong to God and God’s created order. To choose to give God our time is to give God our mind, thoughts, and presence. To give God our commitment of love is to honor and cherish in sickness and health, prosperity and poverty, joy and sadness the Lord our God. The later is a commitment that is alive. It is a commitment that either grows into the deepest of intimacy or stagnates into a dead faith.

Our group wants to among those whose life is a journey of seeking. A life of moving toward and giving to God. They have experienced how difficult life can be and have embraced the truth that our purpose is above all to love our Lord with all our being. They also understand how challenging this relational journey can be. This will be a journey of deeper hope.

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