The Sign of Bread

The crowd said to Jesus, “What sign can you do that we may believe in you?”

As I read these words I remember a manipulative phrase that some males of my generation used to use as tool of guilt seduction upon unsuspecting girls, “What will you do to prove you love me.”

The kind of beleif that opens up the bakery of heaven to us is not one based on demands or manipulations. It is the belief of given faith that grows from a covenant, a commitment that surrenders rather than seduces.

In worship, I gather with others who join with me in a time of confession, an act of admission, that we are sinners who sin and are not worthy on our own to receive from God the bread of life. We do not ask for signs. We ask for forgiveness. We then bow and come to the altar where we are given the bread of life and the wine of the new covenant. We than thank God for these gifts that have been transformed into the very presence of the one who keep our souls from starving and our spirits for the thirst in this desert, this dry wilderness we call our lives.

Jesus’s ansestors ate manna given by God. We eat the sacraement. They were heading to the promised land upon this earth. We are heading to the promised life of all eternity.

Signs made by human beings can fade, fall, or even mislead do to the changes of this world. Much better is to trust in the One who alwasys knows the way.