Allowing Silence to be Our Guide

Our contemplative prayer group met for the forth time on Tuesday.  Our intitial reader from R.Somerset Ward’s book gave a reminder and a warning of how easy it is to allow temptation to have its way with us. It was a good, insightful reading to prepare us for the temptations which will come as we seek to stay on the contemplative path in an age of instant gratification and over emphasis on the individual.

To take a journey on the contemplative path is to experience God in a very intimate and powerful way. Sometime these encounters can bring a person into a incredible state of consolation. Other times these encounters can give us intense assurance and confidence.

Our enemy knows how to use these things to make us over confident and complacient about maintaining our alertness, awareness, and attentiveness to the works of faith we are called to grow and excel in as we travese the desert of modern living.

I am thankful for how our group grasps the words offered to us as we prepare for our time of silence, inviting and allowing God’s Spirit to work on our hearts and souls as we seek to anchor our minds to the good of giving ourselves to this time.