Love Involves Commitment

“There are two loves, the love of God and the love of the world. If the love of the world takes possession of you, there is no way for the love of God to enter into you. Let the love of the world take the second place, and let the love of God dwell in you. Let the better love take over.”
— St. Augustine, p. 34
AN EXCERPT FROM, Augustine Day by Day

I have no statistics to back this claim, but from my own experience the word love is one of the most misused words in the English language. Be it a seducer who uses the word “love” to get what they want in a shallow relationship, a parent to busy with their own interests to pay much attention to the child they “love,” or the politician who says he and a third world dictator have fallen in “love” during a meeting over nuclear weapons, the word love is misused and profaned.

Love is a noun and a verb. It is can be used as an adjective, a descriptive, of identity or activity. This short, four-lettered word is the most defining force in our lives. It is the power that holds the universe together. It is the future beyond our current time, space, matter reality. The Word that is love spoke and the world came into being. This love is a perfect unity in a Trinity that is One. Is it any wonder that which destroys would also want to lay its claim to its usage,

I have few doubts (I am being honest-in times of desolation we can question and doubt) that God loves me. I have no doubt God fashioned me. I have not doubt God gave me my life. I also have no doubt that my actions have caused God as much shame (likely more so) than joy. I am striving to learn to love God more. I know it takes commitment.

Love is not instantaneous. Love takes time to grow and mature in a human life. Love takes commitment, daily commitment.

In this world, the world who perverts love is continually trying to deceive, seduce, and replace any commitment we have to love God with its own worldly agenda. Because of this we face daily a challenge to choose between that which leads us closer to God and that which we perceive is what we should want.  This want, the desire is created by the illusions the world puts before us.

In order to counter the worlds lies, God became one of us. God loves us so much God seizes the initiative  to reach out to us in love, with love, and for love. God touches our hearts in ways the world, whose love is false, could never achieve.

Today is Sunday. Today I am given the opportunity of gathering with others who have discovered God’s love and I can join them in a special meal, a meal of thanksgiving, for the God who gave all for us. Today I choose God. It is my prayer God will help me choose the way of love and truth everyday, yet I know there will be times I will fail. But when I fail, unlike the world who walks on me, God will reach down and lift me up.

Thanks and glory be to God.