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Yes, I Believe in Angels

Today, will traveling at 70 mph (the legal speed limit) I was suddenly hit on the right side of my car by another car who had it a truck and then crashed into me. This car, driven by a man whom the police later arrested, hit my car so hard that it knocked it up onto the concrete barrier wall that separated my lane from the HOV lane. I felt my car was about to flip over when suddenly I felt the car stop its movement to flip, move off the concrete barrier, land in the right lane with no cars behind me, and come to a stop before it hit the car that had first hit me (this car had spun into my lane and had come to a stop). My airbags did not deploy. Had they deployed I could have been hurt badly, instead all I received was a dislocated little finger cause by the steering well and a completely destroyed (but insured) car (the driver of the other car did not have insurance).

I have no doubt I was protected by a guardian angel. This is the second time death was cheated in the last six months. I am grateful and amazed that I am still here. I also am certain I had help that I could not see and this was not simply a random act of luck. I am alive because of an angel.

I do not pretend to know why there was a divine intervention in my case. I do not know why some people die and others do not. I can only tell of my experience and give credit where credit is due for whatever the reason. I do not believe myself to be worthy of any special attention. I am a foolish man who has made way to many foolish mistakes in my life. Yes, I have been called by God into his service, but he has used a donkey for this purpose before.

All I can say is thank you Lord. Thank you my guardian angel.

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