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The Resilience of Love

“Nothing is sweeter than love; nothing stronger, nothing higher, nothing more generous, nothing more pleasant, nothing fuller or better in Heaven or on earth; for love proceeds from God and cannot rest but in God above all things created.” ā€” Thomas a’ Kempis

Tomorrow I will return to the place where the residents I work with live. Tomorrow I will once again see sweet people do the best they can to remember love in their lives. They will try to remember loved ones who have died. They will try to remember loved ones who, for whatever reason, cannot live with them now. Some will even do their best to reflect upon the relationship they have with God.

As I work with those who have the disability of dementia I have opportunity after opportunity to see the resilience of love even in the failure of memory. Each day at work I am blessed with the experience of the memory of love that is rooted in the depth of the soul which preservers through some of the most difficult struggles a human being can face.

Christian theology is founded upon the assurance and trust that God is love. Those who are true adherents of the faith hold tenaciously to the confidence that God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, the Trinity loves us and treasures us no matter what. Forgiveness comes from love. Patience comes from love. Hope comes from love. Inner peace is sustained by love and love alone.

So today I think about the love I am going to see as I prayer for those I will encounter. I also ask myself, “Am I going to be able to model love, remain in the embrace of love and give these people the love from me they deserve after allowing me to learn so much about love from them?”

I pray God will help me to do so.

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