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With a broken heart and hurting soul I considered never writing on this blog again. I felt that this blog is just another place where I am yelling into a dark cave. I had just gone through an ambush evaluation of my work with dementia residents. I was accused of not being a “team player” because I had questioned why staff was not wearing their face masks when around me and the residents. I quickly found out that any complaint that questioned the methods of care or threatened the projected marketing of the place where I am employed would not be tolerated. Sad, so sad. I was even lectured on how compromising is “doing everything for the glory of God.”

I considered simply resigning and moving on but then I would be abandoning the individual residents I had been helping to maintain their spiritual lives in spite of their disability. I have decided to continue to maintain my integrity (some would say charging windmills) even if this results in a forced termination (been there before). Getting fired is not that bad if you can accept it for what it is.

While the place I am working is much better as far everyday living conditions than many places I visited as a pastor it is still clear that this company believes profit precedes what is best for the residents. I once again understand the great mistake the church made in turning hospitals, hospices, and care for individuals with disabilities over to businesses. But then again so many churches are simple businesses who try to sell a product with the name of God attached. The money-changers have won.

So I will continue to try and help the people I serve as long as I can and will not compromise my convictions or practices. I will continue to strive to provide person-centered care in spite of what the company policy is. Thankfully, I believe, the company is not aware of this blog. If it is then I likely will find myself in the category of the unemployed soon than later. I also will continue this blog in hopes that it may help some in the future.

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