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Reflections of a Walk

Water dripped from barren branches
On a gray and dismal day
There was no sound of chirping 
For the birds had flown away

The pathway wet and muddy
There was no life in sight
The wind was moody and contrary
As the cold still had it bite

My steps were slow and heavy
As with each there came a pain
Old bones are the first to know
When comes a winter rain

I think back to the days of Fall
And before them Summer and Spring
And cherish the days gone past
As only memories can bring

Yet those though are growing darker
Just like those of Winter days
As they seem to lose their color
As they blend with forgotten ways

I feel my time is ending
Even though the path goes on
I wonder if it will matter
When this old soul if finally gone

DM-2021     2/13/2021

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