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The Profit of Dementia

She sat alone in her chair
And all alone she cries
This life we live is seldom fair
As the tears drip from her eyes

He memories are fading
And her strength is all but gone
A life of one so faithful
Makes all of this seem wrong

She dwells in an old person prison
Where she has be sent to die
Abandon and nearly forgotten
Does anyone care why

In a country of pseudo freedom
Where cost and convenience are king
Old people are a burden
Except for the profit they can bring

Care is sold by salesmen
Who are good at what they do
Giving the illusion
They will care for them for you

So the old are locked up tightly
And lied to all the time
Cared by minimum wage workers
In some countries this is a crime

Honor your mothers and fathers
Treat the old with respect
Have we become so callous
That we tolerate this neglect

I wish that I had answers
And could change what I see
But money speaks more loudly
And they will not listen to me


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