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How Do You

How do you fill the emptiness
And fear
Of an anxious, troubled mind
Or calm the powerful uneasiness
And worry
When there is no peace to find

How do you cope with darkness
And regret
Of memories that will not go away
Or the feelings of sickness
And loss
When you have lost your way

How do you escape the hostility
And anger
Of wrongs never made right
Or distance yourself from hopelessness
And apathy
When facing a horrible plight

How do you forgive the prejudice
And bias
Of a culture run amuck
Or ignore the stupidity
And foolishness
When with chaos you are stuck

There are no easy answers
Or solutions
Of the quick and simple choice
Or placid painless pathways
Or directions
When compassion loses its voice

So I look for another possibility
And strength
Of the power faith can give
Or give myself to dreams
And visions
When only in them can I live

DM-2021          2/14/2021

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