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I Think it Odd

I think it odd
To question God
Or to doubt 
What God is about
Why would I 
Who will certainly die
Ever come to believe
That I could perceive
Through reason’s power
The meaning of a flower
Or to surmise
How a star can surprise
When all I know
Is a limited flow
Of feelings and thoughts
And plans and plots
Conceived and contrived
While I am alive
Only to disappear
When the grave is near
I know this is true
And so do you
Even though we my try
To call it a lie
These are the facts
That describe our acts
So what do we do
When our days are so few
Perhaps we should try
Not to wonder why
But instead seek to trust
In God who loves us
And live in the hope
So we might cope
As we wait for what is to be
In all eternity



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