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And This is Love

I remember when we met
It seems like yesterday
We set and talked, cried and laughed
I loved all she had to say

We did not go on many dates
I fact it was only one
When I asked her to be my wife
And then the wedding was on

Near eleven months to the day
Our first child arrived
Yet through all the trials and tests
Our love continued to thrive

Then another daughter came
And soon after came the third
As God moved us from place to place
Our love was still assured

The empty nest was not a strain
But the conflicts in churches hurt
And even in the face of this evil
Our love we would not desert

But in my life there came a time
When the darkness got to me
And I almost left because of pain
To end my life foolishly

While I lay lost to the world
This sweet love of mine did pray
That God would not let this end
In such a horrible way

I know not why I did not die
Except for her fervent prayer
Filled with her love and faithfulness
And never ending care

So today we are again quite poor
And struggle to make ends meet
But we are rich in our love
And once again life is sweet


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