The Daily Choice

Early in the morning the sun begins it rise
as the land slowly begins to awake
I once again sit to contemplate
The path that I may take

One will lead down the road 
that the self would chose to go
The the leads to the place
that God wants me to know

It should not be so hard to decide
the direction that I should travel
For one path leads me to find peace
while the other one peace unravel

This issue causing the inward struggle
is the deceptive voice that claims
I need to try the self chosen road
so I can play its ancient games

The voice cries out what fun I would have
all the pleasures and treasures I would find
But deep down I know much better
than to listen to his kind

Too many take the way the voice 
incites those of the world to choose
without the insight or understanding
of what all they have to lose 

So I chose the path of God instead
even though it seems rocky and steep
For I know if I am with my Lord and God
My soul is in God's loving keep.