Know Who and Whose You Are

There are times in life when you get served rotten lemons. The more you stand for your convictions the more likely this is to happen. Still, stand!

If you are on a spiritual journey to be more like Christ you will be tested. You will face pressure to compromise. You will hear inner voices that will tell you that you are no good, worthless, unlovable, and meaningless. You will find yourself in situations where hard decisions are required if you are to maintain who you are.

It is always right to stand up to evil. It matters not if that evil is deliberate or simply complicit. When others are being mistreated, stand. When others are being taken advantage of, Stand. When others need you, stand. Stand even if it cost you dearly and likely it will.

As love continues to grow cold in our age the need to stand is becoming more and more important. Black lives do matter. Adults with dementia still deserve respect. Women are not inferior to men. And, yes, people whose lifestyle is very different than ours need to be allowed to live their choice without our condemnation.

I have been labeled as a troublemaker. I have been called not-a-team-player. I have been called someone who charges windmills. In fact, I have been called about ever name there is to call someone. I call myself a forgiven sinner. I call myself a child of God who needs correction and discipline quite often. However, I know who I am and I know whose I am.

My deepest desire is to one day hear my Lord say, “Well done.”