Morton Kelsey

My summer project is to read all of Morton Kelsey’s works. This is going to be a challenge. Morton Kelsey has been very prolific in his writings. I have already read through six of his books so I am off to a good start.

Why read Morton Kelsey? I believe Morton Kelsey is perhaps one of the most insightful spiritual directors I have ever encountered. His integration of Jungian psychology and his Christian faith has been very inspiring. His insight into the afterlife as well as his understanding of the Kingdom of God in the present offers reader a truly Christian worldview that is both reflective and practical.

The only critique I have of Kelsey is that he repeats some of his stories in several of his books. Perhaps this is deliberate in order to put emphasis on his experience or to provide a strong link to his other work but it can be a bit distracting to an intuitive like me.