Would Jesus wear a mask?

Week before last, I was at home suffering with what I felt would turn out to be Covid-19. Yes, I have had both shots. I try to always wear a mask. Still, I came down with something that made me very sick. Fever, chills, upset stomach, joint pain, loss of taste, and the list could go on. I had not felt this sick since I spent three days in the hospital in a septic state several years ago.  So, I scheduled a covid-19 test. I was thinking I was a breakthrough case. The Covid-19 test results came back negative. I got my shots last December and I will get the booster shot as soon as they are approved.

With Covid being part of our daily lives, it is easy to think you have gotten it when you get any kind of sickness during this pandemic. Covid has created a state of fear that is perceived as well as actual.

I know of many people who have gotten sick with covid. I know several of these people did not get vaccinated and do not believe in wearing masks. I have a hard time understanding these people. Why are they willing to put themselves and others in harm’s way? Do they really not understand how dangerous a virus Covid-19 is.

However, I should not be surprised. We live in the culture of me, what I want, what I believe, and I what is in it for me. It seems as if 50 percent of the people in this culture have this mind set (about as many that vote for Trump). I am sorry if it sounds like I am bringing politics into this but sadly politics has tied itself to this virus.

As a believer and follower of Jesus I believe what Jesus directs us to do, put others first. The prime directive of our Lord was for us to love God and each other. It is not an act of love to put one’s own selfish desires and personal “freedom” before the good of others. Would Jesus wear a mask? Of course, Jesus would wear a mask.

I am sure there is someone somewhere who would say, “I have faith that God will not let me get Covid.” That is not faith, that is foolishness. God has given us common sense (some of us). When Jesus was tempted by Satan to step off the top of the temple so that the angels would rescue him Jesus replied, “It is said, ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.'” (Lk. 4:12 NRS)

In this fallen world in which human beings die I believe we should do whatever we can to promote life. Wearing a mask and getting vaccinated promotes life. And remember what our Lord’s attitude toward our doing those things which show we care for others and care about what the Lord desires for us to do. When we do it for the least of these, we are doing it for our Lord.