Leaving SDI© (Spiritual Director’s International)

No More SDI

A few days ago, I received a call from Beverly Hills California. It was a salesperson for SDI©. They wanted to know if I was going to renew. I told the person that they could take me off their list and thank you.

I joined SD©I while I was still in training to become a spiritual director. We were highly encouraged to do this. We were especially instructed to read the SDI© pamphlet on the ethics of being a spiritual director. I bought several books that were published or approved by SDI©. OK, so why did I not renew my membership.

I am very open to interreligious dialogue. I am a person who believes I have no right put another’s religious faith down. I strive to be informed about the religious practices of others. However, I am called to make disciples of Jesus. I do not feel I could in all honesty help a Muslim get closer to Allah.

I am more open to others than any other time in my life. I am also more committed to my faith than I have ever been. When you make the Apostle’s Creed (unedited version) the foundation of your faith you take a stand against the world.

I know of several spiritual directors (some very well published and famous) who’s theology is of deep concern to me. They make a lot of money for what they do.

Makes me wonder how rich Balaam was?