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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays I look forward to every year. I really do not care about the cultural wars’ perspective on this holiday. I really don’t care about the history of this holiday. I care about this day because of its title, thanksgiving.

I practice the examen prayer (or at least try to whenever my alarm goes off on my watch reminding me to do so). The beginning of the examen prayer involves gratitude to God (thanksgiving). When I am reminded about being thankful it brings me a sense of spiritual pleasure.

Spiritual pleasure, what is that? 

Spiritual pleasure is a warm, happy, sense in my soul that arises within me binging with it a moment of joy. It comes when I am reminded to think about my Lord, about my Lord’s love for me and the promises he gives to me through his word.

I often feel this pleasure several time on Thanksgiving Day.

On this day I am glad I am alive.

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