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A Christmas Lament

I have developed a view of Christmas that is different from the one held by most people (I am making an unqualified assumption here). I do not see Christmas as a happy time by as a time to lament. I know that the angels sang joy to the world when Jesus was born but when I reflect on the come of God-with-us I do not see joy but sacrifice and sorrow. Let me describe why.

The reason for the first coming of the Son of God was to save human beings from the consequences of their sins. If human beings did not sin, then there would have been no reason for Jesus to have left the intimacy of the Trinity and become one with humanity. I cannot think of an analogy that would even come close to the sacrifice of the Son.

I do not think any of us would like to trade places with a garden slug. Would you want to give up your ability to think as we think? Would you like to be limited by a body that moves slowly in the dirt leaving a trail of slime behind? Would you do this knowing you would end up crawling through a patch of salt and would experience the pain of dissolving slowly? This would not be a choice any of us would make. Even if we loved slugs and knew that if we did this, other slugs might not have to crawl through the salt I doubt there would be many takers. As I said before, not a very good analogy.

We do not get a choice about our being born into the human race. If given this choice, some of us, including myself, would have said no way. Jesus made the choice. Jesus made the choice knowing he would not be accepted but rejected. He would be mocked, attacked, beaten, and eventually killed in the most horrible way. Any takers for this kind of destiny? So please forgive me if I do not necessarily jump on the merry bandwagon. Instead, I will add a lament to my Advent focus.

Oh God, hear my cry as I come to you in sorrow and shame.
I grieve that I and my race sin again you. 
I know this causes you pain.
Our hearts are drawn away from you and thus despair and depravity are our common spiritual currency.
We push you away and thus find ourselves the authors of our own corruption.
It is hard to understand why you would tolerate us at all.
We know when you come again you will bring a sword.
None will be able to survive by their own will.

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