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Why do pastors fight?

I talked with a friend a few days ago and during our conversation, my friend mentioned that a group of pastors had their annual meeting, and it was filled with controversy and strife. They were fighting, bickering, and maligning each other over how many angels could dance on the head of a pin. Not really, but their warfare against each other had to do with things almost as mundane and trivial. They likely would not think so, but I certainly do.

This discussion led me to look a bit deeper into what is an all too common situation in these last days. Why do pastors fight? I cannot help but wonder if this pugilistic mindset might be rooted in having their certainties questioned. Maybe they are struggling with the feeling that they may no longer be relevant in our culture. Maybe they fight in these meetings because they are taking such a beating in the churches they are attempting to serve.

Or maybe, subconsciously they are frustrated that God is not doing what they deep down feel God should be doing. They believe if they just are a bit more dogmatic, if they whistle just a little louder in the dark, then maybe, just maybe God will show up.

The problem is God has never left.

I fully understand. I once believed it was on my shoulders to defend God and America from liberals, backsliders, and the devil (in that order). I, too, felt the need for certainty. I, too, went to a meeting with the attitude of doing battle. I am so sorry Lord.

Theology is important. Doctrine is important. Orthodoxy is important. However, when secular tactics, hurtful words, and a disregard for the reality that every human being is loved and desired by our Lord becomes our method and mindset, we are doing more harm than good for the will of God. I will (really will, not just ministerially speaking) pray for an awakening of humility and faith for all who serve the body of Christ.

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