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Seeing God…even in rocks

Whether a fourth-century Desert Father or a twenty-first-century century soccer mom, outdoors human persons feel wooed by God and by the empty-yet-full, heart-deep pulse of creation. Emotions of peace, well-being, relaxation, at-one-ment emerge when we take notice of creation; although frequently, a sense of disease, of being urged toward something-or a call to initiate change, growth, reconciliation-may also be evoked. More often than not, God’s attempts to attract us through creation and its images are fulfilled.

Kay Northcutt. Kindling Desire for God: Preaching As Spiritual Direction (Kindle Locations 387-390). Kindle Edition.

The above quote brought to my mind the wonderful truth upon which it is founded.

Ever since the creation of the world his eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been understood and seen through the things he has made. (Rom. 1:20 NRS)

Almost daily, whether I am walking the dog, going to check the mail, or driving to some appointment God is revealed in sunrises and sunsets, clouds and storms, trees and bushes, leaves and flowers, birds and bugs, and sometimes rocks. God seems to be always reminding me of God’s presence in the things of nature that surround me.

These reminders always bring me a sense of consolation. These moments of stillness and beauty are what help bring peace and calm to me often when the world around me is filled with confusion and frustration.

One moment still brings a sense of joy in memory. My wife and I had gone on a much-needed getaway to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado. In the lodge we were staying at we could see Pike’s Peak to our left and the magnificent scenery of the Garden of the God’s straight out our sliding glass door. On the first morning of our getaway, it had snowed during the night. We awoke to snow-covered mountains and two snowshoe rabbits playing just outside our door. I wonder now if angels had placed those two rabbits there for us. The beauty was breathtaking. I can remember the Lord speaking to my heart, “Do you like my work?”

“Yes, Lord,” I replied in prayer. “Yes, I like it very much.”

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