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Supreme Court Rulings

As I watched the news report told the nation that the Supreme Court had overturned Roe vs. Wade making abortions no longer legal in many states. I heard this news with mixed emotions. I am glad that the lives of many innocent children will be saved. I am sad because this issue will never be solved through the process of law. I believe the enemy will use this decision in ways the politicians will never understand.

I became a Pro-Life activist in 1979. I was the first Baptist to serve on the board of directors for Texas Right-to-life. I am the founder of Hill Country Right-to-life. I can remember being booed at BGCT’s (Baptist General Convention of Texas) in 1980 for bringing up a resolution calling abortion child abuse. I quit being an activist when the Pro-life movement became a tool for the Republican party. If we do not address the reason for abortions, the social conditions, cultural conditions, and economic reasons that would lead a woman to allow a baby to be torn from her body.

I am sorry, this is one of those issues that make the legal sometimes wrong and the illegal sometimes right. The abortion issue should be a continuous discussion with those who help us decide what is moral and immoral.

Then today, I read in the news that the Supreme Court has said prayer can be carried out at the end of a high school football game. Legislating prayer, now that is a strange thought. I am sure prayer never left the football field. In fact, prayer cannot be stopped by any law. Now I hope we could pass laws that publically dedicated vocal prayers be limited to 3 minutes and not be clandestine sermons. Once again, I am sure the enemy of humanity was very happy about this decision. What better way to take hate speech to a new level than adding it to prayers.

Will these two actions by the Supreme Court make us a more Christian people? No. Will they bring some people to Christ? No. Will they add to the Christian nationalist heresy that is growing like a weed? Absolutely yes.

I am glad I was an activist. I am glad I am still pro-life. I am glad to pray whenever I can. I am also very thankful that all things work for the good of those who love the Lord.

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