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When Instruction is Badly Needed

After my last quasi-depressing post, I wish to add an addendum. Part of my understanding of how God works in our midst is that sometimes, when we really need our attention to be focused, God allows (not causes) desolation to arise. I believe what I experienced was such an experience.

I am writing a book on repetend prayer. I do not want it simply to be an academic venture, but a work that can lead people to a deeper dependence in all aspects of their lives. Then came the darkness, the deception, and my defeat. How did my repetend prayers help me?

Conviction and contrition, I needed to spend time with these prayers in times of practice (because that is what we will preach) and make sure I am living what I am writing about.

So far, these repetend prayers have become part of an Anglican rosary I use. They fit together well in such a prayer and provide situational meditation on the darkness these prayers can confront.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Speak Lord, for your servant hears.

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