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Politics and the Pew

“I stop going to church because of the evangelical Christian Church. It is no longer a church of Christ but a political Party.” This is a comment found on a blog I read. How many times have I heard this recently! Why do we not understand, “Again, the Devil took Him to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor.” (Matt. 4:8 CSB) Notice that Jesus does not disagree. Political power is a tool of the devil.

Not all politicians are agents of Satan. God has allowed humanity the ability to order communities, to establish rules of order, and God blesses individuals who are called to be like Daniel in this world making it a better place to live in spite of the evil that works against us. I have not met many politicians who demonstrate the love of God and the desire to make life better for others. I am thankful for such people though such people are few and far between.

Seeking power is an aspect of pride. It is also a form of practical atheism. The idea being, “God won’t bring about the change we want then we will do it for God!” So much evil is carried out in this world in the pursuit of power. So many people suffer because of the actions of a few. Yet the temptation to desire to have power resides in all fallen humanity.  

There is a form of idolatry that I am sure Satan loves, political idolatry. There is an evil possibility inside the soul of every human being to want to be like God, to want absolute control. There is in each of us a potential to believe life is about the survival of the fittest and whoever has the most material things in life wins. Do we ever ask ourselves, wins what?

We want to be winners. We want to have our way. We will often elevate a person who fits the worldly mold of success to a leader to be idolized, like one of our former presidents who could be the Messiah of the material. We put people on a pedestal if they become rich, even if their wealth, their economic influence, has hurt others and likely was built on very unethical grounds. Make America great again sounds very egotistic, prideful, and insults the work of those who view greatness other than obtaining the material things we think we want.

When this type of mindset, of this cultural milieu, infects the church as it has seemed to have done with the Christian Nationalism movement, evil rejoices. Evil knows the Scripture as well, “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” (Mk. 3:25 CSB) If the church seeks political power, we will lose our ability to minister out of love and faith. We will instead see our fellowship based on political affiliations and upon perceived certainty, we are right only and only we are right in our perspectives and interpretations.

In these last days, it is the wise believer who seeks the path of the humble and compassionate. We cannot let political parties, politicians, or popular political issues dictate or dominate our call to live out our lives in faithful obedience to Jesus.

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