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Rev. Dr. David Montoya CSD, author

I have had the privilege and responsibility to have served the local church since 1979.  I hope the opinions, studies, sermons and other materials posted on this blog will be of help or interest in your own spiritual journey.

2 thoughts on “Rev. Dr. David Montoya CSD, author

  1. I read your article and wondered and prayed your dog had survived this move and that things are better for you now. 🙂 I was seeking a scripture for my friends Jeff and Jan, because Jeff’s best friend and partner pushed him out of the business that Jeff started over 20 yrs ago….when I found your article, which I am sending to them. I hope to hear from you about your dog and if you the scripture I’m seeking. I am obviously a big dog lover and they love me. 🙂 God bless you and thank you for this heartfelt article which I’m sure will help my friends. 🙂

    • Moose (Musashi) has recovered very well. Right now we are trying to get him to lose a little weight (like his owner should). I am so thankful that God heard the prayers that were offered. I love me pet very much. They are gifts from God.

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